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beta3 is temporarily downloadable from here.


by Sylvain Machefert

PHPmyBrowser is mainly a "directory indexer" which replace the Apache autoindex.

PHPmyBrowser is written in PHP 4.3. It generates pages that list files in a directory, letting users download or preview these files safely. It includes various features : icons, upload, files comments, and a powerful set of functions and options to customize your pages to fit your needs.

PHPmyBrowser est écrit en PHP 4.3. Il génère des pages qui listent les fichiers d'un répertoire, permettant aux utilisateurs de télécharger ou prévisualiser les fichiers en toute sécurité. Parmi les nombreuses fonctionnalités, on retiendra : icônes pour chaque type de fichier, l'upload, l'ajout de commentaires, et un jeu de fonctions et options permettant de personnaliser vos pages pour satisfaire vos besoins.

On the developer's side, PHPmyBrowser is for me like a laboratory where I explore very various technologies : files, security, images, music, archives, xml, internationalization and customization of a PHP project, BBcode parsing and Syntax Highlighting...


Features / Fonctionnalités

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Wanted !

Looking for a similar program ?

PHPmyBrowser has a lot of features, maybe too much for the one who want to only display a simple list of files.