List of files and folders to hide.

One interesting feature in PHPmyBrowser is to hide some critical files, such as :

  • PHP scripts ;
  • PHPmyBrowser engine and custom folder ;
  • htaccess ;
  • Windows and Linux special folders ;
  • ...
If you really want to show all files (e.g. for administrator), you can turn $HIDE_unwantedFiles to false.

At the opposite, if you only want to show a few types of files, like I do in FAQ template (I only show .faq files...), you can create an array $ShownFiles.


../anotherdirectory/file doesn't work, but subdir/file works.
Names are not case sensitive, you can write in UPPERCASE or lowercase.

Special keywords

  • {diskroot} : hide a folder from the site or disk root. See $SECURITY_diskRoot for details.
    e.g. on a windows server where user can browse the entire disk, {diskroot}/System Volume Information hide the "System Volume Information" on disk C:
  • {alldir}/... : hide files in all directories :-) Useful for .htaccess for example
  • {scriptdir}/... : hide files relative to where is the "launcher" index.php
  • no keyword : same as {alldir}
  • {one_type} : you can hide one specified type (see types.php), for example, to hide all PHP scripts : '{prog_php}'.
  • * and ? : you can use jokers :) like in Windows Batch or Linux Shell !
    * means many characters, ? means one character.
    Examples : *.php, *.htm? for 'htm' and 'html', readme.*...


I'm note a Linux guru :-p so if you know file/folder that are very critical (password, system config...) please tell me.

array $HiddenFiles (line 87)

Set the files and folders that will be hidden by PHPmyBrowser.

For instructions, see the top of this page.

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