One powerful tool in PHPmyBrowser is the ability for visitors and administrator to write description/comment on each file and folders...

For example you create a photo gallery, you'll be happy to add a description under your photos ;-)

And your friends can leave their comments and notate photos !

Comments are stored in a XML files in the directory of the commented file. So if you move or rename your folder, comments are still there ;-)
Note that comments are still in the XML if you manually delete/rename/move the file, but they will not appear anymore.

I did my best to support multi-lingual comments, you can write in other alphabets such as russian, chinese... but I've sometimes problems, depending on the browser used...

Add texts everywhere on your pages !

This plugin manage also what I called Admin Texts.

In your template, you can insert tags for text :

  1. print_text('Your_personnal_tag_name');
(avoid special letters, the result may be not sure, use alphanumeric and '_' only).

Where you insert a tag for an Admin Text, administrator can write/modify a text. For example, on the top of one folder, administrator can write a little speech what this page (this folder) is about.
A tag before the upload form can be the best place to provide instructions for visitors.

Note that these texts are per-folder only. If you want a text in the header or the footer of all pages, modify your template, or, if template include header.php and footer.php, these two files.

Different situations :

  • administrator call this plugin for an "admin text", he can edit the text ;
  • administrator call this plugin for a file, he can edit its own comment, and all visitor' comment (delete, modify...) ;
  • visitor call this plugin only for a file, it ask for name, e-mail, note, and comment. He can be anonymous (enter no name), can enter no email... There is an anti-spam system.
HTML tags are allowed for administrator, but visitor can't use them :-)

Technically, this plugin use xml2tree.php class.

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