Default template

This default template browse folders, better than Apache, because you can hide some files, and apply some plug-ins to convert format, show preview...

How to create your own template ?

  • If you want to slightly modify this default template, you can copy it and use it.
  • If you just want to change the style sheet, copy default.css in custom_folder/templates/default.css and change it. You can also create a css called mycss.css and say in config.php to use 'mycss' template. It'll use default.php with mycss.css :-)
  • If you want to change the icon/image set, you can create one set of icon (like the crystal one), if you don't create a crystal.php in the templates folder, PHPmyBrowser will use default.php with crystal icon set. Easy :-)
  • If you want to change/add translation, contact me if there are mistakes :-p, use templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/lang in the custom folder. Be careful to save your .lng files in UTF-8 encoding.

See functions.php for the whole set of functions (print_...) that'll help you, and look how I've made this template.

Don't forget the "admin texts" for different content in folders.

Use header.php and footer.php if you want the same header and footer in all pages.

  • license: GNU General Public License
  • filesource: Source Code for this file
  • copyright: Copyright (C) 2004, Sylvain Machefert
  • author: Sylvain Machefert <>
  • todo: $displayColumns = array('name','size','date','type'...) in the config, to change displayed columns and order.
  • todo: A paging system (display e.g. 20 files per page)
  • todo: an option to truncate very long file names.
 include (header.php) (line 74)

Include the page header.

 include (footer.php) (line 187)

Include the page footer.

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